Belgium Qualify for the 2018 World Cup

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Belgium Qualify for the 2018 World Cup

Belgium became the first to ensure themselves qualify for the 2018 World Cup after successfully defeating Greece 2-1 in Group H World Cup qualifying at Georgios Kariskaki Stadium Baccrat Online.

Where, in the fight Belgium look slick since the fight begins. They pressed the Greek defense early in the first half. However, Belgium has not managed to create opportunities.

Both teams themselves were involved in attacking each other during the first half. But none of them managed to score a goal kegawang opponent until the first half ended.

Jan Vertonghen put Belgium ahead first in the 70th minute. However, three minutes later, Greece successfully equalized through goals Zeca. Romelu Lukaku confirmed the Belgian kemenagna on 74 minutes. Until this result was greeted happily by Vertonghen.

“The Greek players appear dangerous. They play well, especially during counterattacks. They have two to three good chances, “Vertonghen told local media.

And Vertonghen himself admitted if Belgium did not play well enough. But lucky his team can still get away.

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