Bhayangkara FC Optimistic Steal Points at Persib Headquarters

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Bhayangkara FC Optimistic Steal Points at Persib Headquarters

Bhayangkara FC coach, Simon McMenemy, is optimistic to pick three points on away match against Persib Bandung on Sunday (24/09/2017).

“We are slightly benefited because it has a longer rest time than Persib. Today, we exercise rather quickly to keep players fit, “said Simon.

The figure of Scotland is eyeing victory for the superiority of Bali United widened. Bhayangkara FC currently has 52 points from 25 matches, three ahead of Widodo C Putro’s foster children.

“Our capital is pretty good. Because, in the last three games we showed a strong mentality for the sake of securing three points by scoring a decisive goal in the last minute, “he explained.

Bhayangkara FC defender Otavio Dutra agrees with the coach’s comments. He claimed to have a way to muffle the speed Persib players.

“We’ve been training hard. Atep and Febri Hariyadi quite quickly. But we have prepared a strategy to overcome them, “said the Brazilian player, in a release received

Bhayangkara FC has been training at the Gelora Stadium Bandung Api Ocean, Friday (22/09/2017). Under Simon’s watch, Evan Dimas and his friends prepare for 70 minutes.

Indonesia Vs Myanmar, Notes Charms and Opportunities Show Septian David

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Indonesia Vs Myanmar, Notes Charms and Opportunities Show Septian David

Who is the national team player U-22 Indonesia who can print a slick record on SEA Games 2017 for Garuda Young squad? The answer is Septian David Maulana.

The record in question is the number of appearances of Septian David Maulana as a starter during the SEA Games 2017.

Youth 20 years who is the main attacking midfielder U-22 Indonesia national team is from six games Garuda Muda squad until the semifinals are always a starter.

Unfortunately, the record of Septian David Maulana continues to be the main player U-22 Indonesia national team in SEA Games 2017 is expected to be stalled.

The reason, the midfielder’s Mitra Kukar is still injured and has not recovered 100 percent.

In practice Garuda Young squad at the Merdeka Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, on Monday (28/08/2017), Septian had practiced alone.

Accompanied by physiotherapist Immanuel Maulang, Septian drills on the sidelines as the other players undergo a warm-up.

However, when entering the game practice and trying the scheme of playing, Septian took part, but he did not wear a vest the main players.

“We are waiting for the development of the condition of Septian David Maulana Saddil Ramdani that we prepared,” said Milky Way, assistant coach U-22 Indonesia national team.

Since the first game of counter Thailand on August 15, 2017, Septian always be a starter. In the game, he was replaced by Asnawi Mangkualam Bahar.

Then, Septian replaced Osvaldo Haay when Indonesia won 3-0 over the Philippines on Thursday (17/08/2017).

When facing East Timor on Sunday (20/08/2017), Septian also became a starter and full play.

Septian was replaced by Asnawi when Indonesia shared the score 0-0 with Vietnam in the game 22 August 2017.

After that, he was replaced by central defender Ryuji Utomo Prabowo while Indonesia 2-0 win over Cambodia on Thursday (24/08/2017).

When Indonesia lost 0-1 to Malaysia, Septian was replaced by Saddil in the 60th minute. He suffered an injury so pulled out and had to be stretched when leaving the field.

Indonesia U-22 national team will face Myanmar at MP Selayang Stadium, Selangor, on Tuesday (29/08/2017).

The first leg of this fight is at 16.30 Malaysian time or 15:30 pm.

U-19 National Team Preparation Has Approached 90 Percent

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U-19 National Team Preparation Has Approached 90 Percent

Indonesia U-19 national team will plunge in the AFF Cup in Myanmar in September. Preparation of troops made by Indra Sjafri has been close to 90 percent.

Egy Maulana Vikri and colleagues conducted a training camp (TC) final stage since July 31 in Yogyakarta. Furthermore, they are planned to leave for Myanmar on September 2nd.

“Our preparations are close to 80 percent to 90 percent, we are praying now, no injuries, no things we do not want,” Indra said after leading training at the UNY Stadium on Tuesday (22/08/2017).

Indra explained that they will leave Yogyakarta on Thursday, August 24. In the last days in Yogyakarta, Indra provided the service training materials.

“This week about service, so I make corner kick and throw in service for attaking, then we defend the opposite corner kick, throw in and free kick, how many fences, how to fence,” said Indra explained.

According to him, after the service materials, U-19 national team will undergo maintenance for five days. In those times, the team will undergo a one-time internal game.

“Next week we have maintenance only, maybe five days, maybe there is one time internal game, after it is done,” he explained.

Luis Milla: One Less Than Ezra Walian

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Luis Milla: One Less Than Ezra Walian

The naturalized Indonesian national team striker Ezra Walian played his first 90 minutes for Red and White in a 3-0 victory against the Philippines on Thursday (17/08/2017).

Despite not scoring goals, Ezra donated one assists and his game to gain praise from coach Luis Milla.

“Ezra is our important player, I think the team has played very well,” Milla told reporters including at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, after the match.

Ezra contributed assists kaetika Saddil Ramdani fired a rocket shot past the Philippine goalkeeper for the third goal of the national team that came in the second half.

However, Ezra himself failed to donate his name to the list of goalscorers. Two opportunities that he got during the game was still blocked opponents.

Seeing this, Milla gives sympathy for the striker who last weekend to undergo a trial in the Premier League camp, West Ham United, the.

“One thing less than Ezra is a goal that can make him more confident,” said Milla.

Former FC Barcelona midfielder was sent praises to the game trengginas Ezra on the front lines.

“I see Ezra today has played pretty well and worked very hard,” he said.

Indonesia National Team SEARCH SEA Games Soccer SEARCHES

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Indonesia National Team SEARCH SEA Games Soccer SEARCHES

Indonesian national team targets to reach the gold medal of soccer branch at SEA Games 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. “Yes, we must be sure that all the targets at the top are definitely golden, and we are aware that we have not been able to give a football medal, which is sure all players have the same target after yesterday’s Asian Cup qualifying game (SEA Games) is our next target,” Said Assistant Coach Indonesia National Milky Way in Jakarta as quoted from Antara, Tuesday (08/08/2017).

Bima added, Indonesia national team will practice intensively until 12 August before the SEA Games. “The players are all complete, there are 24 people,” said Bima.

Indonesia national team considers Thailand and Vietnam as the strongest competitor in Group B phase. In addition to these two countries, Evan Dimas and his friends will also compete with the Philippines, Cambodia and Timor Leste

“But we are still optimistic that we can qualify for the next phase … As a soccer coach, I think they are the golden generation because with the regulation in yesterday’s competition that must use three U-23 players really help us to find good talented players , “Said Bima.

“There are only a few players with injuries, Bagas and ardianto, and now he does not go to the palace because of the healing stage of therapy, others are all fit.”

The gold medal target is also out of the mouth of female futsal coach Andre Picessa. “If last year we are champions in the AFF Cup futsal We win the title of Thailand, the target is gold,” said Andre.

Andre considers Thailand to be Indonesia’s heaviest competitor in the SEA Games. “What is clear is definitely Thailand because they are prepared entirely from its basic tecnical tactical ready, the venue is also they are ready.” Currently we have an international futsal venue, “he explained.

Jupe sure Persib Rise in the Second Round

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Achmad Jufriyanto

Jupe sure Persib Rise in the Second Round

Persib underwent a bad period in the first round of League 2017. Maung Bandung team glued to 14th position standings Judi Bola Online.

This is very far from the target Persib at the beginning of the season that is targeting to maintain the title ISL 2014. No wonder Djadjang Nurdjaman retreat from the coaching chair.

“The situation is certainly all disappointed, but we have to look forward,” said defender Achmad Jufriyanto as reported by Persib official website.

“We are trying to get up, hopefully the second round can be better than this first round,” he added.

In the last game, Persib only a 1-1 draw against Persija. That means they have not won in the last four games.

Persib just play again on 29 July. They will challenge host Perseru Serui.

Coach Persipura Admit The Difficult Defeat PS TNI

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Coach Persipura Admit The Difficult Defeat PS TNI

Coach Persipura Jayapura, Wanderley Junior, considered the League 1 fight against the PS TNI at Mandala Stadium Jayapura on Sunday (23/1/2017), as a tough game for the team nicknamed the Black Pearl.

Therefore, Wanderley admitted grateful his team can beat the PS TNI with a score of 2-1.

Persipura victory goal scored by Addison Alves in the 45th minute and (78 ‘). The goal of PS TNI printed by Wawan Febrianto in the 62nd minute.

“Thank God we are glad that we can achieve our goal of winning, even with great effort,” Wanderley said.

The Brazilian coach thought the game against PS TNI as a heavy game because the team made by Ivan Kolev play well throughout the game.

“They can be patient and do good attacks well, they can also pressure us, but we can make two goals from a good process,” he said.

Gratitude also conveyed the two-goal scorer, Addison Alves. “It’s a team job, I do not want to talk who makes goals, we play with faith, togetherness and focus,” added Addison.

“I am two years in Thailand and in my heart I promise to return to Indonesia, I have to play in Persipura Praise God is granted, this team has the power of faith and we have to keep working to win,” added Addison continued.

Above this result, Persipura is now ranked first with Raihan 30 points from time 16 compete. The PS TNI occupies the 11th position with 22 points from 16 times competed.

U-16 national team beat Singapore, Fakhri still evaluate

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U-16 national team beat Singapore, Fakhri still evaluate

U-16 national team coach Indonesia, Fakhri Husaini, said the last match that was lived by Rendy Juliansyah et al at the AFF Cup U-15 is an opportunity to see the readiness of players Casino Resmi Indonesia.

Previously, in the final match of Group A AFF U-15 Cup, Indonesia U-16 national team to a 2-0 victory over Singapore at Chonburi Campus Stadium on Monday (17/07/2017).

Both goals were scored by Brylian Negitha in the 53rd minute and 61st.

“Our last match against Singapore was for me as a venue to see the players readiness, whether they are ready for me to play from the beginning,” said Fakhri after the match, as in the release received

“In the first half I was not satisfied with the performances of the players, but in the second half they showed off their skills even though they were not as usual,” he said.

In addition, Fakhri also gave criticism of the game shown squad despite having won the game versus Singapore.

He considered, players who were given the opportunity to appear not to use the opportunity to show the best ability.

Fakhri said he would evaluate the team and did not rule out looking for new players again for the U-16 squad.

“In this game, I would like to give a chance but some players do not show (the best ability) .Once decided, finish this tournament, we will evaluate the team, there will be a reshuffle of players I will look for new players again,” he said.

“It means that if we look at our performance here and see the appearance of competitor countries, I have to find new players again in the remaining time,” Fakhri said.

The success of conquering Singapore is the national team’s first win of five matches. They are ranked fifth with a collection of four points.

However, Fakhri Husaini’s team failed to advance to the next round. It has been confirmed after the national team lost to Laos in the fourth game.

Timnas Indonesia U-19 is Better Today than Evan Dimas?

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Timnas Indonesia U-19 berlatih di Bandung.

Timnas Indonesia U-19 is Better Today than Evan Dimas?

Indonesian national team coach U-19, Indra Sjafri, assess the 2017 team’s opportunity to repeat the achievements of the 2013 team is very open Agen Resmi Bola.

In 2013, Indra Sjafri bring Indonesia U-19 national team to win the AFF Cup. In addition, Evan Dimas and his friends also defeated South Korea’s strong team in the AFC U-19 Cup qualifiers.

“If the judgment is good, the size of the achievement, if Evan Dimas passed the Asian Cup and the AFF champion, we must surpass or equal, that’s the size,” Indra Sjafri said.

“I am happy with the success that many young players are motivated and skill players today more evenly than the Evan Dimas era,” he continued.

Since the training camp several months ago, Indra Sjafri saw the development of foster children increased sharply. However, he felt the national team still need to keep clean up in order to realize the target.

“The Espanyol test is part of the preparation period for the U-19 national team to face the AFC Cup in November, plus the AFF Cup in September,” Indra Sjafri said.

“Overall, this team is progressing, but it still needs to be improved again, we will maximize the two months, so that later the peak of their performance in AFF and AFC,” he concluded.

Joy Shohei Matsunaga After Persib Defeat PSMP

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Joy Shohei Matsunaga After Persib Defeat PSMP foreign player Persib Bandung, Shohei Matsunaga, was rejoicing. After being awarded a child, 28-year-old attacking midfielder was also able to score his first goal in League 1 season 2017.

Shohei Matsunaga managed to donate one goal when Maung Bandung conquered PSM Makssar with a score of 2-1 in a League 1 match at the Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire (GBLA), Bandung, Wednesday (5/7/2017).

Persib managed to win thanks to Shohei Matsunaga scored in the 39th minute and Atep (55 ‘). While the PSM only able to reply once through Wiljan Pluim (72 ‘).

After scoring, Shohei ran into the side tribune with several players and performed celebrations like holding a baby.

According to Shohei, his first goal in the League 1 Competition is indeed dedicated to his first child, Hayate, who was born on 20 June 2017 ago.

“Yes, it was a goal for my baby, only I’m not too happy because Persib is still under and there are still many games to face,” said Shohei after the game.

“We have to concentrate and look forward, so (I) do not want to be too happy,” he said.

Sohei added that the goal became a motivation for him to face the next game. Persib itself after meeting PSM will melakoni away games contra Madura United July 9 next.

“I have not scored a goal before but this life is up and down, maybe yesterday I was downhill. (After this goal) Hopefully it will get better in the future,” said the player who uses the number 17 this back.

Persib currently still stuck in the position of the 8th league standings with a collection of 19 points from 12 matches. PSM still leads with a collection of 23 points, one point ahead of Madura United and Persipura Jayapura.