Kolasinac: I’m Satisfied With First Appearance at Emirates Stadium

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Kolasinac: I’m Satisfied With First Appearance at Emirates Stadium

Arsenal defender, Sead Kolasinac has stated that he is very happy with his first debut in front of tens of thousands of fans of the Gunners last weekend Agen Sbobet.

Where, in addition to helping his team win 5-2 at Benfica in the Emirates Cup 2017, the player is able to perform well and also able to provide assists for the first goal Theo Walcott and other goals created in North London respectively printed by Olivier Giroud, Alex Iwobi and Bruno Lopez’s own goal.

While the Portuguese club was only able to minimize lagging through Franco Cervi and also Eduardo Salvio.

So with the victory in the hunt then open their chances to win the official annual trophy and despite feeling nervous about the article play in front of the supoter, but the retainer of the national team of Bosnia Herzegovina which came from Schalke with free transfer was feeling really satisfied with the results and As well as his team’s overall performance.

“The first time I played here, I felt very fantastic,” Kolasinac told the media.

“I was a bit nervous before the game because this was the first time I was at Emirates Stadium.

“But I am happy that the team can win the game and it is more complete the article the fans welcomed me so well.

“For the first goal I played with Alex playing a little bit wide and I thought it would come out, so I kept on coming, but I was able to win it and see there was Theo behind.

“So I I immediately gave the congkel bait for him and he was able to finish it well.

“I think we’ve done a really good combination on the front lines.

“Interestingly we are not fully acquainted with each other and so yes we still need to know each other, but on this day we see a lot of good combinations between us, especially when we’re on the front lines.”

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