Luis Milla: One Less Than Ezra Walian

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Luis Milla: One Less Than Ezra Walian

The naturalized Indonesian national team striker Ezra Walian played his first 90 minutes for Red and White in a 3-0 victory against the Philippines on Thursday (17/08/2017).

Despite not scoring goals, Ezra donated one assists and his game to gain praise from coach Luis Milla.

“Ezra is our important player, I think the team has played very well,” Milla told reporters including at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, after the match.

Ezra contributed assists kaetika Saddil Ramdani fired a rocket shot past the Philippine goalkeeper for the third goal of the national team that came in the second half.

However, Ezra himself failed to donate his name to the list of goalscorers. Two opportunities that he got during the game was still blocked opponents.

Seeing this, Milla gives sympathy for the striker who last weekend to undergo a trial in the Premier League camp, West Ham United, the.

“One thing less than Ezra is a goal that can make him more confident,” said Milla.

Former FC Barcelona midfielder was sent praises to the game trengginas Ezra on the front lines.

“I see Ezra today has played pretty well and worked very hard,” he said.

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