Stones Praise Ederson’s Contributions

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Stones Praise Ederson’s Contributions

Manchester City defender John Stones gave praise for his team-mate’s contribution, Ederson Moraes.

According to the defender, the Citizen 2-0 victory over Shakhtar Donetsk, thanks to the hard work of Ederson, who was able to dismiss all the attacker’s opponent’s kick.

Stones think if Ederson is not able to keep his goal well, then most likely the City will experience defeat in front of thousands of fans.

After the Stones game said, “I feel proud to have teammates like Ederson.”

“Counter Shakhtar, Ederson performed extraordinarily. He is able to overcome all the kicks from the opponent’s attackers. ”

“If Ederson does not keep his goal well, then of course we will lose.”

“And I hope Ederson can keep his goal without conceding a single one.”

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