Timnas Indonesia U-19 is Better Today than Evan Dimas?

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Timnas Indonesia U-19 berlatih di Bandung.

Timnas Indonesia U-19 is Better Today than Evan Dimas?

Indonesian national team coach U-19, Indra Sjafri, assess the 2017 team’s opportunity to repeat the achievements of the 2013 team is very open Agen Resmi Bola.

In 2013, Indra Sjafri bring Indonesia U-19 national team to win the AFF Cup. In addition, Evan Dimas and his friends also defeated South Korea’s strong team in the AFC U-19 Cup qualifiers.

“If the judgment is good, the size of the achievement, if Evan Dimas passed the Asian Cup and the AFF champion, we must surpass or equal, that’s the size,” Indra Sjafri said.

“I am happy with the success that many young players are motivated and skill players today more evenly than the Evan Dimas era,” he continued.

Since the training camp several months ago, Indra Sjafri saw the development of foster children increased sharply. However, he felt the national team still need to keep clean up in order to realize the target.

“The Espanyol test is part of the preparation period for the U-19 national team to face the AFC Cup in November, plus the AFF Cup in September,” Indra Sjafri said.

“Overall, this team is progressing, but it still needs to be improved again, we will maximize the two months, so that later the peak of their performance in AFF and AFC,” he concluded.

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