U-16 national team beat Singapore, Fakhri still evaluate

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U-16 national team beat Singapore, Fakhri still evaluate

U-16 national team coach Indonesia, Fakhri Husaini, said the last match that was lived by Rendy Juliansyah et al at the AFF Cup U-15 is an opportunity to see the readiness of players Casino Resmi Indonesia.

Previously, in the final match of Group A AFF U-15 Cup, Indonesia U-16 national team to a 2-0 victory over Singapore at Chonburi Campus Stadium on Monday (17/07/2017).

Both goals were scored by Brylian Negitha in the 53rd minute and 61st.

“Our last match against Singapore was for me as a venue to see the players readiness, whether they are ready for me to play from the beginning,” said Fakhri after the match, as in the release received Kompas.com.

“In the first half I was not satisfied with the performances of the players, but in the second half they showed off their skills even though they were not as usual,” he said.

In addition, Fakhri also gave criticism of the game shown squad despite having won the game versus Singapore.

He considered, players who were given the opportunity to appear not to use the opportunity to show the best ability.

Fakhri said he would evaluate the team and did not rule out looking for new players again for the U-16 squad.

“In this game, I would like to give a chance but some players do not show (the best ability) .Once decided, finish this tournament, we will evaluate the team, there will be a reshuffle of players I will look for new players again,” he said.

“It means that if we look at our performance here and see the appearance of competitor countries, I have to find new players again in the remaining time,” Fakhri said.

The success of conquering Singapore is the national team’s first win of five matches. They are ranked fifth with a collection of four points.

However, Fakhri Husaini’s team failed to advance to the next round. It has been confirmed after the national team lost to Laos in the fourth game.

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