U-19 National Team Preparation Has Approached 90 Percent

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U-19 National Team Preparation Has Approached 90 Percent

Indonesia U-19 national team will plunge in the AFF Cup in Myanmar in September. Preparation of troops made by Indra Sjafri has been close to 90 percent.

Egy Maulana Vikri and colleagues conducted a training camp (TC) final stage since July 31 in Yogyakarta. Furthermore, they are planned to leave for Myanmar on September 2nd.

“Our preparations are close to 80 percent to 90 percent, we are praying now, no injuries, no things we do not want,” Indra said after leading training at the UNY Stadium on Tuesday (22/08/2017).

Indra explained that they will leave Yogyakarta on Thursday, August 24. In the last days in Yogyakarta, Indra provided the service training materials.

“This week about service, so I make corner kick and throw in service for attaking, then we defend the opposite corner kick, throw in and free kick, how many fences, how to fence,” said Indra explained.

According to him, after the service materials, U-19 national team will undergo maintenance for five days. In those times, the team will undergo a one-time internal game.

“Next week we have maintenance only, maybe five days, maybe there is one time internal game, after it is done,” he explained.

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